Njock Ayuk Eyong Is A Nation Icon In The Football World

Soccer-Football-AwardsNjock Ayuk Eyong is counted among-st the top football players till date, and it is his exceptional playing skills as well as talent that have made him reach at the top of the success ladder. He knows the inside out of the game and this has helped him to create his distinct image in the football world. He began his career by playing for a popular football club in the country. He has also played at the national level for a period of 20 years, and then retired from the game. He has sheer passion for the game and it is tough to keep him away from it for a long time. In addition, this statement is completely justified, as he launched his football academy and accessory stores that are spread across  different parts of the world. He has offered a chance to various budding players to polish their skills and talent by attaining special training at his academy. He provides scholarship to some selected students, who surpass the criteria of the special test conducted by his academy. He was provided with an opportunity to be a commentator of a well-known football league. He was also appointed as the brand ambassador by a known sportswear.

Similar to football, he has great passion for travelling, and to accomplish this desire, he took a world tour with his family. During this tour, he was offered a chance to discover his new side and explore different places, history, cultures, ideologies, etc. It was completely a new experience for him to interact with people with distinct ideologies and cultural values. He got a chance to spent some quality time with his family. He attended various football matches with his family, and this clearly reflects his passion for the game. Despite football, he also has a passion for archery. So, he has acquired professional training and learnt archery to participate in various competitions and also won a few of them. According to Njock Ayuk Eyong, he would like to learn all most each and every game that is played over the world. This showcase his enthusiasm for sports. He considers them as one of the most essential parts of living a healthy and stress-free life in today’s society.

He has also tried his hands in the business field. According to a survey conducted by a business magazine, he was listed as one of the most aspiring entrepreneurs in the business world. He launched his chain of multi-cuisine restaurants in the country, as a result of his fondness for food. His restaurants are considered as one of the most successful celebrity restaurants in the country. He is the man with a great vision and dedication to deliver best in all the fields he has tried his hands. It is out of the box thinking and passion that has helped him in creating his distinguished personality in the sports and business field. He works with an array of non-profit organizations that work to improve the present condition of the society. Njock Ayuk Eyong organizes several charitable football matches in the country. He is one of the most followed football players in the world, and has set up an ideal example for other players.


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