Njock Ayuk Eyong: An Iconic Football Player of the World

Football is one of the most popular games that are played all over the world. Njock Ayuk Eyong is a football player who has created a distinct place in the industry with his exceptional playing skills. He is regarded as the living legend in the football industry and is counted amongst the top football players in the world. In the initial stage of his career, he started playing for the British football club and after showcasing his skills and talent on the local level, he was offered a chance to play for the nation. He played for the country for a period of 20 years and in his entire career, he has established and broke a number of records. After the retirement from the game, he started his own football academy, where special training was offered to the budding talent. The main objective of this academy was to provide advanced training to various players who desire to learn this game.

He also launched his own chain of football accessories store which offer all modern equipment, though physical and online store. He was also provided with a chance to represent the most awaited football league, where he was quite appreciated as the commentator. It is his knowledge about the game that helped him to represent the game brilliantly. He also hosted a television show where the players share their views regarding the changes in the game with phase of time. He even owns a chain of themed restaurants that are located all across the world. At these restaurants, every dish is named after the name of well-known players. Just like football, he has sheer passion for traveling, in order to fulfill this desire Njock Ayuk Eyong took a world tour with his family. He got an amazing chance to explore his new side while traveling. He visited at several places that not only helped him to learn about distinct cultures and history. He has a keen desire to know about the historical places and spiritual ones. According to him, traveling is the easiest way to relax and learn things. He believes it would be really tough to separate him from the football.

During his trip, he also attended football matches with his family, which represent his inseparable passion for the game. Currently, he is planning to expand his academy, stores, and restaurants in other parts of the world. He is not only a talented football player, but also a successful business owner. He is an active social worker who has been a part of an assortment of NGOs that strive to improve the condition of the society through their programs. He also owns a charitable organization that works for children suffering from cancer. Njock Ayuk Eyong organizes an array of matches that donate amount for noble acts. On the personal front, he likes to read different types of novels that include historical, fictional, inspirational, biopics, etc. He is married to a beautiful French model, and is blessed with two sons. In his spare time, he plays a myriad of others of sports such as cricket, baseball, basketball, snooker, etc. He is one the most followed football players on a plethora of social media.


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